Not your average lumberjacks.

At LUMBERCHINO, we use reclaimed and recycled wood to design unique home decor. We take scraps, discarded lumber and old timbers to build beautiful, one-of-a-kind art. Each piece is carefully cut, coloured and crafted by the Iannacchino sisters.

Stephanie & Samantha Iannacchino have spent their entire lives enjoying the great outdoors. As avid travellers, they are constantly in awe by the natural world and started this new venture creating artwork inspired by it.

Stephanie & Samantha grew up watching their dad build, fix and assemble just about everything. Following in their fathers footsteps, Stephanie & Samantha opened LUMBERCHINO in the same workshop that inspired them for so many years.


"The Builder"

Samantha has always been the crafty one - building and working with her hands comes naturally to her. She has the patience of a saint and the eye of a tiger which makes her a master when it comes to joining our pieces together. She brings the passion and precision to LUMBERCHINO.


"The Brains"

From managing the brand to designing our next collection, Stephanie is the brains of the operation. When she is not plotting our next masterpiece, you can find her chopping wood with her bare hands. Just kidding - she uses a table saw, but she is so strong that she could break it with her hands if she wanted to.


"The Boss"

Although our dad doesn't personally assemble any of the pieces, he still deserves some recognition! Our dad has taught us everything we know about woodworking and has given us all the tools necessary to launch LUMBERCHINO. Nothing leaves our workshop without his final approval.